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succa-felt aka Pinspiration numero – cincuenta y nueve

I had seen these really cute felt succulent on pinterest.  And when I was finally ready to make them, I visited Shaken Together Life to follow her tutorial.

I cut out some shapes of succulents making sure to vary the size.
20141025_215505 - Copy

I used a glue gun to layer some rocks and then just started glue gunning each piece to each other.  It was actually a lot of fun and less frustrating than I thought it would be.
20141026_125942 - Copy

As I was cutting these pieces I didn’t think that it would come out right.
20141026_125950 - Copy

You can totally see the glue in this one.  But it still looks alright.
20141026_130000 - Copy

Here they are all finished.
20141026_125931 - Copy

I made the smallest jar with my sil and got the other two from Target.  I bubble-wrapped them so they’d be safe in the mail.  Luckily enough they arrived in tact…from Ohio to California.  Yay!

{homemade} garlic bread

When Paul and I were dating sometimes his mom would make spaghetti and have garlic bread as a side. And being the loving wife that I am I would make heat up some Texas toast whenever I would make spaghetti. But a few years ago Paul suggested we make our own garlic bread. So I read the ingredients of a few garlic spreads and came up with my own version. And it turned out great! Now we make or own garlic bread and put as much, or as little, butter garlic as we want.

Start with some softened butter in a bowl, and add 1/2 tsp of each basil, oregano, and Italian seasoning, and 3 garlic cloves as much minced/crushed garlic as your little heart desires. I also add some salt and pepper too.

Mmm…I love me some garlic!

Mix it all together and put it on a little container until you’re ready to use it.

If you’ve made it a few days in advance make sure to take it out of the fridge to give it enough time to soften. I’ve forgotten a few times and had to nuke it. It just doesn’t taste the same.

Get some good French bread, or any bread you’d like, and spread that butter like it’s no one’s business.

I butter both the top and bottom with just a little a while lot more on top.

Bake it in a preheated-350°F-oven for about 15-20 minutes. Then let cool for about 5 minutes and slice and serve.

Hope you enjoy!

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I’ve made a few personalized tumblers in my day but just never for myself. One day while shopping at target (of course) I saw a “personalize it” tumbler and thought I should make one with some instagram photos. I mean, what else to do with my instagram photos? Plus I had just learned about this instagram print site called

I ended up not going with the Starbucks one and found this Aladdin one that I liked better.

I started by tracing the template onto some black paper and cutting it out.

Make sure when you’re making yours to leave enough space at the bottom so your pictures/design doesn’t get cut off. Which is what this mark is for, even though you can barely see anything.

I started with the bigger pictures first using photo adhesives so they don’t warp over time.

Then I placed it in the tumbler so I could get a feel for what it was going to look like and also to make sure I liked it. *sidenote: I had a hard time getting it back into the tumbler because the photos were so stiff. So be careful when inserting.

Next I placed the smaller sticker photos.

My mom has this awesome machine that can “cold laminate” as well as turn regular paper into stickers. So to make sure that my design didn’t get wet when washing I “cold laminated” that baby.

This is my design. Some of my favorite photos.

A close-up so you can see the laminate.

The first time I used it was at Teavana for some iced tea. Yum! But these days I use it for my iced latte.

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project life 365 – august

project life 365 for the month of august.

aaaaand go!

1. you_today: put the dishes away, mowed the lawn, did my kettle bell exercises, wrote some posts, and cooked dinner.
2. reliable: aveeno lotion quenches my dry skin so reliably. <–is that even a word? haha. (if not, i just made it a word. you’re welcome.)
3. hair: got my hair did today!!

4. high contrast: giles (buffy the vampire slayer) is uther pendragon (merlin).
5. collection: my second set of magnets as my first was stolen. jerks. they must have been boys. lol.
6. morning_routine: includes cereal and an iced vanilla latte! #nespressoforlife
7. snack: this is my favorite right now.
8. kiss: i smacked my cousin on the cheek! #gotcha
9. my_work: is to fill up the sink with dirty dishes.
10. in_the_distance: while in MD, my sil-s and i got pulled over for making a left turn where it says no left turn. but we didn’t see the sign (which was NOT next to the signal) until it was too late. so when we got pulled over the cop said the “no left turn” sign is in the same place as every where else in the united states. but i have proven him wrong here because the no “left turn sign” is right next to the signal, not at the corner on a lamp post.

11. direction: to make homemade pita bread. yum!
12. above: the skylight in my car.
13. underneath: say hi to mr. gnome!
14. little_things: these sweet basil seeds are so tiny!
15. reality: it’s a never-ending cycle! (just like laundry!)
16. obligations: getting this package out was the best kind of obligation! #mugswap2013
17. matched_pair: love my chevron washi tape!

18. motion_blur: was gonna delete this pic of my cousin-t but so glad i didn’t.
19. flight: cousin-j being silly.
20. stripes: it’s a lemur’s tail! #iliketomoveitmoveitiliketomoveitmoveiliketomoveit
21. not_a_chore: love eating at hires big h!
22. lucky_number: not lucky but favorite!
23. fracture: our homegrown tomatoes look like this! #whatsupwiththat
24. please: how long do we have to stand here with these stinky skunks?

25. memory: i will NEVER forget this moment!!
26. refreshing: a cherry limeade and jr. root beer float from hires big h
27. white: love these eyes! #zombiesforlife
28. rule_of_thirds: hires cherry limeade, hires big h hamburger with pastrami, and hires onion rings.
29. bubbly: my contacts solution is quite bubbly.
30. just_like_a_movie: #achristmastory house #youllshotyoureyeout #redryderbbgun
31. thank_you: to my cousin-b for introducing me to this amazing food called sweet pork. it’s like baked beans but with shredded pork not beans. yum!

thanks for reading!

project life 365 – july

so back in january I had posted about my resolutions goals for this year with one if them being project life.

well, I was able to keep it up for the whole month of january (which i’ll post soon too). then i kinda fell off the face of the earth at least for project life.  i made a few feeble attempts in the months of march, april, and may.  then i completely skipped june.  and when july came around i decided that i should get on it and start it up again.  so here is my july project life 365 photos.

1. you today: the weather had been crazy raining one day and super hot the next then it was forecasted rain but then rain would never come.  so i took a chance to mow but then it started raining and i had to stop.
2. footware:  these are my favorite.  a friend noted that it looks like summer, spring, winter, and fall (clockwise from top left).  it was pretty funny because i didn’t even see it until he pointed it out.
3. seasonal:  a few days later i got to finish mowing.  i’m so glad that mowing is only a few months out of the year.
4. independent:  this little girl is quite the independent.  i’m gonna miss seeing her.
5. spark:  there’s no denying the spark between us!
6. the old me:  i used to wear socks with slippers.  (photo circa 1998)

7. glass:  paul bought this glass jar to brew tea in for iced tea.
8. in the details:  it’s so crazy how much goes into growing one tomato.
9. me time:  watching me some lord of the rings.
10. innocence:  this baseball and bat remind me of the innocence of a pick-me-up ballgame.
11. park:  the first thing i think of when i hear the word park is my college friend eric park.
12. strange:  i have a photo in my guest bathroom of which lever to push when you flush.
13. funny:  love this fun and funny garden decor!

14. crisp:  love the crisp new growth of my bella anna hydrangeas.
15. vintage:  am i old enough to have owned something that is considered vintage?  or is this more retro?
16. tick tock:  got this digital atomic clock from groupon goods.  it’s one of my favorites since the numbers are much, much bigger.
17. my love:  paul loves making faces for photos.  in this one he’s making a “clifford” face.
18. weakness:  this spot on my couch is my weakness.  i sit here and watch tv and sometimes fall asleep.
19. grainy:  can you guess what this is?  it’s quinoa!!  red quinoa!!
20. fast:  this grass grows WAY too fast!

21. currently reading:  hoping to replace our ceiling fan soon!
22. anticipate:  can’t wait for these tomatoes to ripen so we can eat them!!!!!
23. fruity:  cute thirty-one zipper cases.
24. unexpected:  went out in my backyard and found my neighbors sitting out watching their son play in the water.  when i went over to chat with them, my neighbor/friend-a offered me this yummy dessert.
25. next door:  neighbor/friend-a’s son neighbor-l low riding his swim trunks.
26. for the win:  it’s samsung for the win!!
27. bold:  this is a really bold flavor that i have come to love!

28. family:  it’s a little samsung family!! (note 10.1; tab 3 8-inch; droid charge smartphone)
29. mail:  you’ve got mail!
30. orange:  love this box!  it means tons of laughter is on its way!
31. childhood:  absolutely LOVE this book!!

it was pretty tough coming up with some of these photos but i’m glad that i stuck it out.  now if only i can continue to do that through the end of the year.  wish me luck!!

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