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This mini quilt was something that I was equally excited and dreading to make.  I’d never made something using triangles before but it was something that my swap partner had liked.  So I went for it!

I found this free pattern from Hoffman Fabrics.  I really liked the way it looked; with the tree shape and everything.  This was meant to be a large size quilt but since I was making a mini quilt I decided to do just three sets.

This was my final product.  I really liked it and hope to make one for myself one day.

My partner stated that she like anything Cotton & Steel so I got the newest Christmas line with a few prints from the previous years.  I matched up a color pencil with a fabric so that I could color code it when I made my paper template.

Once I got that done I started cutting my triangles using this awesome Hex’n’More cutting ruler.

Placement starting!!

Got them altogether!  I took a few pictures so that I could make sure that I was sewing them in the correct order.

I started on my first row.  I sewed these first six and it looked wrong to me so I asked on Instagram for some advice.  Thank goodness someone answered me and helped me!  I ended up using this tutorial which basically saved my life!

Once I learned how it’s actually supposed to be done I got ‘er done!

Got my top done!

A few close ups!

Well, here are the other

And another picture of the finished product!!

This is the mini quilt my swap partner sent me.  It’s gorgeous and it hangs on my wall.  And those HP ornaments hang on my tree!!

This swap definitely stretched my sewing abilities and I’m so glad that I took part in it.

other 2016 garments

I’ve blogged about some garments that I made in 2016 already and I’m back to show you some more that I found while perusing my phone. Haha!

This is Sew Caroline’s Tank Dress and Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan.  I made these to wear to my niece’s one month old party to which she actually was four months at the party and is now two and a half.  Oops.  It’s been a while.

I made this Fancy Tiger Sailor Top in knit.  It is a wearable muslin but I just don’t dig it.  It was a good learning experience to make it, though.  Since the pattern is made for wovens I sized down for this knit and because it is knit I didn’t finish the hem.  But I also didn’t finish the hem because I am lazy.  Haha…story of my life.

Since knit is a bit forgiving I made a muslin in woven out of actual muslin I got from Joann’s.  I didn’t realize it until after I was already done but I sewed one of the arms on backwards.  Oops.  Oh well, I made sure to watch for that when I made my real one.

Here is the real one.  I made sure that the arms were sewn on the correct side.

This was a tester version of Sew Caroline’s Parkside Shorts and Skirt.  I still haven’t made any more since but I think I will this summer.  That patchwork one is printed like that.  I did not make it.  I think the next time I make the skirt I’ll probably shorten it by a few inches.  It looks too long.

This Sew House Seven Bridgetown Backless Dress is so cute on everyone in all the pictures! This is a “wearable” muslin but I don’t really wear it because I don’t really like the way it looks on me.  I didn’t make any adjustments so that was my first problem.  I definitely need to shorten it but I think I also need to shorten (?) tighten (?) the armholes.  It looks just too big.  Either that or I just prefer the armholes smaller.

Another Sew Caroline tester.  This is the Magnolia Shorts.  These shorts are sweet in that they look like a skirt but they’re actually shorts!!

I made this Made By Rae Ruby Top and put a label on it so I knew which was the back.  Haha..of course looking at this top you’d be able to tell which is the front and which is the back.  But I thought I was being funny and clever with that little saying so I just HAD to sew it on!!  Of course I haven’t taken a picture of the whole thing yet but I will soon.  And when I do, hopefully I’ll remember to post it on IG and blog it!  hahahaha…we’ll see about that. =)

I also made my sil-S this Ruby Dress.  She’s Lilo from Lilo and Stitch! And my niece is Lilo also!!

I made this cute Christmas sweater-ish Hey June Handmade Union St. Tee with fabric I found at an LA lqs.  Turns out it’s a Girl Charlee print!  This cut is the older version.  The link is to the new one.

This is my first Hey June Handmade Lane Raglan.  I have wanted to make one of these forever.  I’m such a slow sewer.

Here is another Union St. Tee.  This time I made a long sleeve.

My last 2016 make was Sew Caroline’s Downtown Tunic.  And it literally was my last make as I finished it up on 31 December 2016 at like 8:00 pm.  I really like it since I can wear it with waist restraint!!

I think that’s the rest of my 2016 makes.  I can’t guarantee it, though.  I might find some more and post them later.  Now onto all things made in 2017.  Only a year behind!!  Yea right, I still got some 2016 makes to share!!!

make do? make up?

I had some scraps and was trying to be creative.  But creative I am not.  Haha.  I created this little number as an experiment.  It turned out alright but I think I’ll just use others’ creativity patterns from now on.

Here’s the inside.  I ended up covering the insides edges with some bias tape to make it look more pretty.

All in all not bad but definitely not one that I’d like to replicate.  I did learn the new skill of using bias tape as a finish rather then just zig zagging the edges.

Union St. Tee

This is one of my first t-shirt patterns that I purchased.  It took me a few months to actually sew one and then about another year before I sewed my next one.

I was intimidated by the v-neck and had a bit of trouble the first time sewing it.  I also hadn’t taken into account the fact that my fabric would shrink when washing and so I didn’t have enough fabric to make two separate shirts like I had planned.

I used the two colors that I had of this same print and made one shirt.  It actually came out pretty good.

Here is the neckband.  You can see that there is white and black on the topside.  It’s because when I went through the first time I missed some material.  I went through a second time to catch it and ended up sewing it on the opposite side.  Oops.

A close-up of the V.  It looks pretty good, in my opinion, for being my first time sewing something like this.

Here you can see that I used two different colors.  It was almost a year before I even wore it outside because I thought it looked funny.  The two colors were supposed to be two wearable muslins but because of shrinkage I ended up making only one.

I wore it to work at the Community Commons and my boss said that she didn’t even notice that it was two different colors.  So maybe I’ll wear it out again.  I don’t know.

Foxglove Tank

I saw this Foxglove Tank on Indie Sew a while back and thought I’d try my hand at a knit one.


It was my first time using my serger.  I kept the thread colors black and white so that I could tell how the serger was sewing.

Here it is all hemmed.


And one last shot.


I forgot to take into account that knit stretches before I cut my material.  I should have sized down because this tank is a bit too big for me.  I use it as a work out tank, though, so it’s all good.  Sometimes I tie a knot in the back to keep it from pushing out too much in the front.

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