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Car Caddy aka Pinspiration numero – sesenta y cinco

This caught my eye as I was looking for things to make for little boys.  I wanted something small and fun that they could carry around with them.
Source: Smart Schoolhouse via Tricia on Pinterest

My newphew-B2 loves Star Wars.  So I knew I wanted to make him a Star Wars themed caddy.  When I went to look for cars, all I could find was actual Tie Fighter, etc shaped toys and wasn’t sure how to make that work.  Then I went down the next aisle where the Hot Wheels are and wha-la!  I found what I was looking for!!  I posted this photo on my Instagram and my nephew-B2 saw it and told his mom to buy that for him.  Haha!
20160618_201839 - Copy

I followed the tutorial on Smart School House.  Here is my inside altogether just making sure that the cars fit.
20160619_073703 - Copy

And here it is all done!  I went with this blue Star Wars print as the “road” since they’re in space, even though cars are what I provided.  This was for my nephew-B2’s 2016 birthday.  Then for Christmas 2016 I gave him two more cars to fill the other spaces.
20160619_082004 - Copy

This is what it looks like all rolled up.20160619_081919 - Copy

From the top you can still see the cars.
20160619_081932 - Copy

This is a different caddy that I made for a friend’s kid for Christmas 2016.  For his birthday 2017 he got two more cars.
20160706_201509 - Copy

My OH neighbor-L loves construction trucks so I made one for him using construction trucks for Christmas 2016.
20160709_111709 - Copy

These were pretty fun and easy to make.  They make great gifts, even for girls if you could find something girly.  =)



In December 2015, my parents had come out a few days to visit before my dad had a business meeting at the strip.  While we were driving around I saw that my dad was carrying all his glasses, I think he has three different ones each with a case, in a plastic bag. So I asked him if he wanted something more sturdy for them.  I had seen a photo somewhere before a zipper bag with a handle on the front side rather than coming up from the sides. I know it sounds confusing but you’ll see what I’m talking about in a bit.

So I had some leftover fabric from his Christmas gift to make this zipper bag for his birthday.  It’s called Roam from Hawthorne Threads.  It’s one of their in-house prints that is digitally printed.  It’s gorgeous!

Oops..before I get ahead of myself, here is his Christmas gift.  He wanted a trash bag for his car. I used Pellon Matte Vinyl Fuse to make it water-resistant and easily wipeable.  img_20151107_163338

He’s always liked horses but recently he’s said that he also likes buffalo’s so that’s why I went with this print.  I liked how the top looks like the sky with the buffalo roaming and the yellow strap is like the sun.  On the interior is the cloud print at top and the feathers you see above.
20160130_155611 - Copy

Here’s the zipper bag I was started talking about above. I put some scraps together to make this bag.  I ended up messing up a little.  I had imagined the feathers print to be next to each other on the left, however, when I was piecing it I didn’t plan correctly and ended up with the feathers on the left side of both sides.img_20151219_191432

You can’t really tell in the picture above but in the one below you can see that on the other side of the feathers it’s the blue roaming one.  Also, here’s what I was talking about the handle being on the front side rather than on the sides.
20160130_155640 - Copy

I didn’t measure any of his cases so it’s a good thing they fit well.  I actually had a lot of fun making this bag because it was the first piecing/topstitching pieces I’d ever done.  It was a little stressful because I didn’t want to mess up with topstitching but then I remembered that my dad would love it no matter what.  haha. So then I felt better and just went with it.  The stitching is probably the straightest I’d made thus far.


Nighty Night Nightgown

In early 2015 I made my first garment. Thankfully it was for a toddler so the pieces were small. It’s Kwik Sew 3423.

I made these nightgowns for neighbor-A’s daughter, neighbor-AM. She’s now grown so much that these are too small for her.

This is a polyester one that I made for during winter. But because I hadn’t ever made anything and I like to get a larger size in clothes I made this one one size too big. And neighbor-AM couldn’t wear this one until late fall 2015. Neighbor-AM is on the shorter side and so when she starting wearing it it was just barely off the floor. Haha. When she grew out of it, it hit her about mid-calf and was short in the arms about a few inches.

This is a quiliting cotton I found at Joann’s. This one was made in her exact size. And when she grew out of it it was too short in the arms and perfect in the body.

For her birthday this year, 2016, I made another one for her in her favorite disney character, Minnie Mouse! This time I shortened the body by four inches and increased the arms by two inches. When she got it, it fit perfectly!

This was a great segway into sewing something that doesn’t have straight edges. Up until now I’ve only sewn zipper bags and purses that have straight edges. It was fun seeing all the pieces come together. And now I’m addicted.

Mix the Flames

I made my father-in-law a cover for his stand mixer. He had mentioned that he likes a flame print so I went to Joann’s and found two flame prints. This was the better looking of the two. I then did some research on pinterest and used my own cover as a template. (I had purchased my cover before I started sewing.)

Based off the research from pinterest and my cover I cut the pieces.

Close up of print.

“Quilting” pattern for the pocket piece.

Quilted piece.

My first time using the overlock foot.

This is what the overlook foot makes the thread do. It acts as a serger-ish type stitch.

Completed cover.

I had a fun time making this cover though it was a bit difficult at times. I wasn’t sure if it would be too short or too small but it actually fit pretty perfectly. The only thing I would change is that I would make it a little longer.


life rearranged

linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

my in-laws had seen donatos on undercover boss abd wanted to try it. so we went and i’m so glad we did. this is their cute wall display. i especially like the greedy one.

got my erin condren life planner this week!  i’m so exited and i can’t wait to start using it!

this birthday cake was going to be for paul…..

instead it was for mom!!  she was a good sport about it even though she made her own birthday cake.

the next day we walked around the greene shopping center and had some frozen yogurt.  yum!

on monday we went to the kitchenaid factory store.  (it’s about an hour away from us.)  this is the first model made for home use.  crazy how big it is!!!

the ladybug infestation has made it here!!!  aahhh!!!!!

this week was pretty crazy.  and tiring.  i still have laundry to put away and vaccuming to do.  oh well.  life. it is what it is.

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