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Car Caddy aka Pinspiration numero – sesenta y cinco

This caught my eye as I was looking for things to make for little boys.  I wanted something small and fun that they could carry around with them.
Source: Smart Schoolhouse via Tricia on Pinterest

My newphew-B2 loves Star Wars.  So I knew I wanted to make him a Star Wars themed caddy.  When I went to look for cars, all I could find was actual Tie Fighter, etc shaped toys and wasn’t sure how to make that work.  Then I went down the next aisle where the Hot Wheels are and wha-la!  I found what I was looking for!!  I posted this photo on my Instagram and my nephew-B2 saw it and told his mom to buy that for him.  Haha!
20160618_201839 - Copy

I followed the tutorial on Smart School House.  Here is my inside altogether just making sure that the cars fit.
20160619_073703 - Copy

And here it is all done!  I went with this blue Star Wars print as the “road” since they’re in space, even though cars are what I provided.  This was for my nephew-B2’s 2016 birthday.  Then for Christmas 2016 I gave him two more cars to fill the other spaces.
20160619_082004 - Copy

This is what it looks like all rolled up.20160619_081919 - Copy

From the top you can still see the cars.
20160619_081932 - Copy

This is a different caddy that I made for a friend’s kid for Christmas 2016.  For his birthday 2017 he got two more cars.
20160706_201509 - Copy

My OH neighbor-L loves construction trucks so I made one for him using construction trucks for Christmas 2016.
20160709_111709 - Copy

These were pretty fun and easy to make.  They make great gifts, even for girls if you could find something girly.  =)


it’s like a mullet!

For Christmas 2015, I made my other SIL a Christina Clutch.  Remember this one I made for one SIL?  Doesn’t it look all nice and fancy?  It’s in black and white but it basically is black and grey in color IRL .

The reason I say it’s like a mullet is because on the outside it’s all nice, simple looking and everything and then when you open it….it’s all party on the inside with minions!

I also made this one slightly different than the grey/mint one.  This one was made with pellon 809 and pellon fusible fleece interfacing, applied respectively, giving it more stability.

I really like this combination of interfacing.  I’ve thought about using their fusible foam but I haven’t tried it yet.  Maybe sometime soon.

Until then…party on Wayne! party on Garth!!


life rearranged

linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

last friday i started working on some of our christmas gifts.  this was the first one.  i have to admit…i am really liking this sewing/crafting thing.  i didn’t think that i would because i’m not really that good at it.  but i am having lots of fun.

on saturday i was trying out a new pinterest recipe.  we’re going gluten free for health reasons and so i was trying a pizza made with some brown rice, white rice, and tapioca flours.  it was freaking delicious!  i didn’t think it would be but it was good.  the crust was sweet and we added in some garlic powder and italian spices. yum!   oh, and i was drinking this yummy pumpkin woodchuck too.  it was hot in the kitchen!!!  haha!!!

another christmas gift in the works.  actually, i finished it already.  but i just love this embroidery hoop.

my sil-s sent me my very own box of sunshine.  idea found on pinterest!!  lol.  i’ve wanted to send one but it was hard to look for just yellow things.  so i stopped.  (i’m lazy).  i’m so glad that she didn’t stop.  it came at the perfect time as i need some sunshine in my life right now.  there were such fun things in my box of sunshine.  plus she put little notes on each item.  i feel so loved.  thanks, sil-s!  =)

and yet another christmas gift in the works.  this one is a little different than the first two.  i made this a wet bag.  what’s a wet bag you ask?  it’s basically a bag with a plastic liner so that you can throw wet things into it.  what would i need a wet bag for you ask?  well, if you have littles you can take it when you go to a water park and throw your wet suits in there, or you can throw dirty diapers in there, or you can throw dirty clothes in there.  if you don’t have littles you can use it as a make-up bag, of you can use it as a snack bag (because i know we all love snacks!), or you can throw your camera in there when you go to a water park.  (actually, i probably wouldn’t do that because.  who knows.)  but you get the idea.

this week was also full of work at old navy.  i covered a few shifts for some sick co-workers.  i learned how to use the register and check people out…on the fly. again.  but now i’m so much more comfortable at the registers and i’m not all nervous and shaky like i was for the first 15 minutes.  i’m an old pro now. lol.  i crack myself up.

edited with instagram, photogrid, and pixlr express

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