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In December 2015, my parents had come out a few days to visit before my dad had a business meeting at the strip.  While we were driving around I saw that my dad was carrying all his glasses, I think he has three different ones each with a case, in a plastic bag. So I asked him if he wanted something more sturdy for them.  I had seen a photo somewhere before a zipper bag with a handle on the front side rather than coming up from the sides. I know it sounds confusing but you’ll see what I’m talking about in a bit.

So I had some leftover fabric from his Christmas gift to make this zipper bag for his birthday.  It’s called Roam from Hawthorne Threads.  It’s one of their in-house prints that is digitally printed.  It’s gorgeous!

Oops..before I get ahead of myself, here is his Christmas gift.  He wanted a trash bag for his car. I used Pellon Matte Vinyl Fuse to make it water-resistant and easily wipeable.  img_20151107_163338

He’s always liked horses but recently he’s said that he also likes buffalo’s so that’s why I went with this print.  I liked how the top looks like the sky with the buffalo roaming and the yellow strap is like the sun.  On the interior is the cloud print at top and the feathers you see above.
20160130_155611 - Copy

Here’s the zipper bag I was started talking about above. I put some scraps together to make this bag.  I ended up messing up a little.  I had imagined the feathers print to be next to each other on the left, however, when I was piecing it I didn’t plan correctly and ended up with the feathers on the left side of both sides.img_20151219_191432

You can’t really tell in the picture above but in the one below you can see that on the other side of the feathers it’s the blue roaming one.  Also, here’s what I was talking about the handle being on the front side rather than on the sides.
20160130_155640 - Copy

I didn’t measure any of his cases so it’s a good thing they fit well.  I actually had a lot of fun making this bag because it was the first piecing/topstitching pieces I’d ever done.  It was a little stressful because I didn’t want to mess up with topstitching but then I remembered that my dad would love it no matter what.  haha. So then I felt better and just went with it.  The stitching is probably the straightest I’d made thus far.



i need an apron!

So I think I had posted a photo of me wearing my Starbucks Coffee Company apron and one of my old coworkers had said she lost all of hers.  I offered to make one for her and she said that it’d be cool to have one.  So I went to look for some fabric and started.

First I laid out the apron and cut along the edges and included a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
20140731_205725 - Copy

I cut two pieces, front and back and cut a piece for pockets.
20140803_153939 - Copy

Here is the apron string ends.
20140803_154009 - Copy

All completed!
20140803_202032 - Copy

A coworker from Old Navy asked me to make three aprons for Christmas gifts for her after she saw this post on IG.img_20140730_174351

This is the first one. Sorry about the blurry photos……
20140929_204927 - Copy

A close-up of a small quilting to keep the pieces together.
20140929_204941 - Copy

Apron strings.
20140929_205024 - Copy

The second one is for her sister who survived breast cancer.
20141010_131102 - Copy

She asked to include this ribbon somewhere.  I thought it added a personal touch.
20141010_131119 - Copy

Some quilting to keep the pieces together.
20141010_131150 - Copy

The apron strings.  She really liked this print even thought it was on flannel.  I thought it went well, color-wise, too.
20141010_131323 - Copy

The last one.  I forgot to take photos of it at home so when I brought them to work I ended up taking photos of it at work.
20141114_162820 - Copy

I was proud of my super straight stitching so I took a photo of it.
20141114_162831 - Copy

Sweet stitch quilting to keep the pieces together.
20141114_162838 - Copy

Here is a photo of the three recipients, her grandma, mom, and sister.

So glad that I was able to help her with some handmade gifts .  Also, making aprons is fun!


life rearranged

Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

and because i have been not posting instafriday’s at all. my last post, instafriday-catch up, was just a catch up. here are the pictures from this last week.


paul gave me one of my Christmas gifts early.  needless to say i’ve been playing with it ever since.  =)

we then went on a date that was five years in the making.  we first tried to go on our second anniversary and then again on our fifth.  we both had a great time and agree that we would most definitely go again.  but only for the appetizer, cheese fondue, and/or the dessert fondue, chocolate fondue.  the main course was good but we both like to have our food cooked before it is placed in front of us. mmm….we even got all dressed up and i curled my hair.  (the flash on my phone is super bright; hence paul’s facial expression.)

wednesday morning we woke up to snow!  yay!

it snowed pretty much throughout the day.  the base even closed down.  i left for zumba in the evening and when i came back i got stuck.  luckily it was in our driveway and not somewhere else.  we ended up shoveling in the dark learning that we really should shovel as it snows.

i was able to give blood again and so i went in to the armed services blood program to donate.  their little tree was so cute with vials as ornaments.

this marks #4 of 8 at the wpasbp.  i even hit a personal record of donating a pint in three minutes and thirty-three seconds.  3:33!  ahhh!!!

it was an exciting week here at our house. paul came home, just in time for Christmas. we celebrated Jesus’ birth, with presents for each other. it snowed about six inches, and we shoveled for the first time in our lives. we have lots to be thankful for. what about you? what did you do for Christmas? how did you celebrate? did it snow where you live?

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life rearranged

Linking up my weekly cell phone photos.

Last Friday I was on my way home and saw this beautiful sunset.  I know I’m not supposed to take pictures while drving.  But if I didn’t then you wouldn’t be seeing this beautiful picture.  =)  Like my justification???  =)

We got this Cuisinart Griddler for Christmas from my SIL in Texas.  We had some extra hambuger patties from when my family was in town so we defrosted some and put them on the cuisi-grill, grill-nart.  Cuisinart Griddler.  Thanks, Lewis family!!

My SIL sent me a pic of my nephew, Brody, so while it’s not exactly from my cell phone, it’s from a cell phone.  Doesn’t he look just so peaceful?  love.

The new catalog is here!!!  If you want one, email me and I’ll get one to ya!!

We’re getting our master bathroom updated.  Well, really we’re just extending the shower through the bump that is on the left.  About a month ago one of the workers came to cut that whole in the wall to make sure that there wasn’t anything in the wall to stop us from extending.  The guy came on Thursday so I quickly got a before shot in before he started working.

In the early afternoon it started snowing.  I took a few pics but you couldn’t really see the snow.  So I stuck my leg out my door and let my black pants collect some snow so you could see it.  It was really cold and I wished that I had shoes on, but it’s just so much easier to wear slippers than shoes.  But YAY for snow!!

Unfortunately our bathroom update is going to take a little longer than expected.  After a few hang-ups, and many hang-downs, we are looking at a finish date of mid-February.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

After a half hour or so of snowing, the snow started sticking to the ground so I went out to take a picture so you can see the snow falling and sticking to the ground.  It looks like there is snot coming out of my nose but it’s really just the camera capturing the falling snow.  I love it when it snows!  It’s so beautiful.  Or as my friends says it, “it’s so magical”.  It really is!!!!!

We had dinner with our neighbors and I was designated to bring dessert.  I wasn’t quite sure what to bring since I’m not really good at dessert.  Whenever we have people over for dinner I always do brownies and ice cream.  Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love brownies and ice cream?  So I started looking through Pinterest for some ideas.  Nothing really jumped out at me until I saw a recipe for Key Lime cupcakes.  Then I knew what I wanted to make.  Green Cake!  I’d met green cake a little over a year ago when my friend over at ReAlDaPh made it for the guys at work for St. Patty’s Day.  It was so delicious!!  So I called her up and got the recipe and made it.  Mmmm…I Love Green Cake!!!!!  Thanks, R!!!

Happy Friday!!

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Here are my cell phone photos for the week.
I’m linking up with Lindsey@The Pleated Poppy
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and Jeanette@Life Rearranged.
life rearranged

This week we had a dinner at Crissi and Dale’s house.  They have this wheel for their cats to run on to get some exercise and my buddy, Aiden-from last week’s InstaFriday, loved sitting in it.  He is just so silly!!

My parents flew into town on Christmas Eve and here my mom and I are on her iPad2 talking to my cousin, Jasmine.  She lives in California where the rest of my family and friends live.   We were talking about when I’ll be coming back home to live and I had told her that I wasn’t sure.  When she heard that, she didn’t like it and made that face.

My nephew, Brody Walker, on Christmas day!!!

Both my brothers and SIL’s are also in town visiting.  I took this picture because I thought it was funny with everyone on their laptop/tablet.  We are definitely in the electronic age.

Since we’re altogether to celebrate Christmas, we each brought our Christmas stockings.  I asked everyone to bring their own to hang which is why they’re all a bit different.  L-R:  Dad, Mom, Matthew, Sheri, David, Jen, Paul, Tricia.  The mantle looks so full and pretty with all them stockings hanging.  I just love Christmas!!

Thursday morning before heading out we stopped aat Caribou Coffee for some lattes and sandwiches.  I got a Pomegranate Vanilla Tea Latte and split an Egg White Turkey Bacon sandwhich with my SIL.  Both were so yummy!!!

Our first stop for the day was the Presidential Gallery of the National Museum of the USAF.  It was really neat checking out the Air Force One planes.  There was so much information about the planes.  This one here is the SAM 26000.  It carried eight presidents:  Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Regan, George H. W. Bush, and Clinton.

Then we went to grab some lunch and then headed to the museum itself.  We spent a little over two hours there and barely made a dent!!!  On the way back to the car, the sun was setting so I grabbed a few shots of the landscape.  It’s just so pretty.

So, there you have it.  Hope you all had a great week!  Happy Friday!!

(all photos have been edited through the pixlr-o-matic android app)

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