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Halloween Candy Bags

I went fabric shopping with my sil-S to look for some prints for her stand mixer cover.  While I was looking around I saw this super cute print and thought it would be so fun to make a candy bag for my nieces for Halloween.

Thankfully I already had some experience in making simple lined totes like this so I was able to whip them up in just a few days.

This was for the nieces.

This cute candy corn was on the inside.

Aren’t they the cutest?  My third niece-K is not pictured but she got a bag too.

After I got the niece’s fabric cut, I realized that the nephew’s probably would like them too.  So I looked for some fabric for them.  My oldest nephew-B is a bit older and the cutesy print probably wouldn’t be his cup of tea.  I found this print that was a bit more mature and made him a drawstring bag.  The design was based off the fishing drawstring bag, just larger measurements.

A few detail shots.

I had bought the orange print from the same fabric store and was planning on just making it unlined.  But ultimately decided that it would last longer and look better if there was a lining.  Luckily I was going to Joann Fabric anyway and quickly looked around for something.  All I could find was orange and black.  Then I stumbled upon this white with black triangles and it was perfect.

I even had enough fabric to make a third bag so I reversed the prints with the white on the exterior and the orange on the interior for my sil-S.  She’s so lucky!

These were fun, nice, and quick projects.  And hopefully they’ll last for several Halloweens to come.


Halloween in February

I know what you’re all thinking.  Halloween in February?  Eight and a half months ahead Three and a half months behind is more of where I’m going with this.

2011 brought so many more actually brought costumed children, and more than three, to our front door for some Trick’o’Treating.

Since we’ve been married, we’ve never had a good Halloween where we passed out bags and bags of candy. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happened on Halloween since we’ve been married. Just to give you an idea.

  • 2005 – lived in an apartment complex; don’t even remember what we did, I think we got home late from work
  • 2006 – lived in a huge apartment complex with 6 buildings that had three floors each and about 30 apartments on each floor; 2 bags of candy:0 trick’o’treaters
  • 2007 – lived at my parents’ house; I think we just gave candy away there. I don’t really count this year since we weren’t on our own
  • 2008 – first year in AL, lived on base; we were informed that there are several t’o’t’s and that we should stock up on candy which is exactly what I did; 4 bags of candy:3 trick’o’treaters – MAJOR fail!! You can read more about it here
  • 2009 – lived on base; we got invited to a Halloween party so we didn’t plan on passing out candy. The night before Halloween, I got super sick and stayed home while Paul went to party-party (I made him go otherwise he would have just stayed home with me) and the doorbell rang….ONCE! With the porch light off. Glad I didn’t buy any candy that year.
  • 2010 – moved up to an apartment complex in Prattville with 25 buildings each building holding 4 apartments; 2 bags of candy: 1 trick’o’treater x2. Yea, what’s up with the x2 you ask? Halloween was on Sunday so AL had all trick’o’treating done on Saturday. One kid came up on a scooter and not even in a costume on Saturday AND THEN AGAIN on Sunday!

So that’s our history of Halloweens. Nothing exciting.

A few days before Halloween, I found out that the city set a timeframe for trick or treating; 6 pm – 8 pm. I don’t remember that being an issue when I was younger so I thought that it was worth mentioning.

Anyways, a few minutes before 6 I saw a few kids gathering up at some our neighbors’ houses. So I flipped the porch light on, which is usually NEVER on, and waited for the doorbell to ring. But it was 10 after 6 and our doorbell had not yet rung once. Paul looked outside and noticed the kids just walking by our house. He suggested that I sit outside so they’d know that we had candy for them too.

So I took my candy bowl and my camera and sat at our porch steps. A few kids starting walking up and asking for candy while I was asking if I could take pictures of them. They were just so cute!

These are the first trick’o’treaters!!!

While waiting for more kids to show up, I noticed that my neighbors were all outside too.

I thought it was so strange. The thrill of trick’or’treating is walking up to the door and ringing the doorbell, waiting to see if the homeowner was going to scare us or if they were going to hand us a bunch of candy or if they were going to let us choose what candy we wanted. Nope, not here. You’re just out there handing out candy.

But I guess it is much better than having to hear that darn door bell ringing and opening the door every two minutes.

Here are some of my favorites of the night.

These kids got into character.  They were so cute!

This girl had an awesome costume!  When I put the candy in her bag (jar), she looked down and said, “Wow!  A new specimen for me to dissect.”

I just love this little girls’ smile!!

This pirate was all smiles too!!

My nephew, Bailen, would probably love to have this as a costume one year.  Loved all the nerf stuff!!!

This guy and his wife were “bacon and eggs”.  I didn’t get to see his “eggs” but he very kindly let me take a picture of his “bacon” costume.  This is for you, bro!!  Maybe you can convince Sheri to be eggs!!!

And so starts the DC Comics!!  Green Lantern and Wonder Woman!Photobucket

Followed by Batman and Supergirl!Photobucket

Captain America was so cute he had to get his own shot!!Photobucket

And!!  They even turned their wagon into the BATMOBILE!!!!

This little boy was so cute!  He came up with his grandma and started to put candy into his pumpkin.  When he reached out for his fourth one, his grandma apologized and when I told her it was okay she’d laughed and stated that his mom would get upset with her.  It was all good!

Two mexicans!!  They were pretty hilarious!!  Check out those beards!!!!

Don’t you just LOVE the look on his face!!!!!  He was so darn cute and I loved his box car costume!!!  That flash in the top left is his mom taking pictures of him trick’o’treating.  Sorry kid!!  I feel your pain!!!  Well, not really.  But thanks for letting me take a pic of your mug!!!

This little girl was so cute.  It’s kinda hard to see her, I know, but it was the only picture I had.  She was sooo little!!!!

I know you’re probably all tired of reading by now so I’ll just end it here. Hopefully I’ll be all caught up and better at posting so that months don’t go by before I actually get them up. =)

Thanks for reading!

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