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Custom Order

Last month I showed you the Vikings coloring pad carrying case.  A few days after I posted it on Instagram/Facebook, an old classmate of mine inquired about making some for her.  She told me what theme she wanted for her two cases and that she wanted me to find fabric for her.  The cases were for two girls who love Frozen and Hello Kitty.

Here is the Frozen one.  I found both prints at Joann.
20160709_112005 - Copy

I did a little bit of fussy cutting to get Olaf’s face and full body on the flap and pencil holder, respectively.
20160709_112041 - Copy

Here is a close up of where the coloring pad goes.
20160709_112047 - Copy

And a close up of the pocket and pencil case.
20160709_112051 - Copy

The Hello Kitty print was harder to find.  There wasn’t any quilting cotton at Joann or online at Joann. I ended up ordering this print off Etsy.  It is super cute!!  And I’m so glad that I went with this one rather than just settling for a print at
20160714_124332 - Copy

The only print at Hobby Lobby was this all over HK one.  I thought it would be cute as the pocket and pencil/pad holder.

And I was right!  At least in my opnion.  Haha!

Here is where the coloring pad goes.

The two side by side.

After I mailed them to my classmate, I asked her for some feedback. The only thing she suggested was itemizing my invoice to state the price of fabric and price of labor.  But quality-wise and concept-wise everything was great.  Yay!

What do you think?  If you have your maker purchase fabric and everything for you, would you prefer your invoice to be itemized or would you prefer to just see the total?


Hello Kitty, Quilt Me aka Pinspiration – numero cincuenta y cuatro

In March 2015 I made my first quilt.  A basic straight line baby quilt.  I found 30 Handmade Days tutorial on Pinterest.

I found these cute Hello Kitty prints and these super cute coordinating prints.  Girly but not too girly.  And those colors!!!  Yum!

I cut all the pieces, strips only in varying size.  I’m sewing them together using my sewing machine table.  I had just gotten it and was super excited to use it.  Having that extra table length helps out tremendously!

This is the back.  I used two coordinating prints from the front to showcase in the back.

A VERY blurry picture but it’s showing how the quilting process.  Just straight stitches but I had to roll up the ends to fit in the “throat” of the sewing machine.

Another quilting shot.  Look at the topstitching!  Haha!!

The very first time that I ever ran out of thread!

Applying the binding by machine.  Love those binder clips!

The completed top side.

The completed bottom side.  I used the remaining scraps to make the binding so that’s why it’s a bit different on all sides.

I had a lot of fun making this quilt.  I’ve even made one more since and have another in the works.  I’ll be posting them soon. ish.  Haha.


life rearranged

linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

oops. i missed friday again.

oh well. that just means you get to see it today instead of two days ago.

and we’re off……

on friday, i was super excited to see that there was a 30% chance of snow coming on tuesday.  little did i know it was because of frankenstorm.

i gave blood on thursday but didn’t take a picture until friday.  this is #3 of 8.  at 8 i hit a gallon.


i finally broke down and put these socks on.  i don’t know what the material is, i’m too lazy to check the tag, but they sure do keep my feetsies warm.

my sil-S got these for me last year (?) when yogurtland was doing their hello kitty promotion.  i thought that i’d lost them but when i was cleaning i found them.  it’s always so nice to find something when you’re cleaning.  it makes cleaning totally worth it!

on saturday i finally got around to changing out our master bathroom vanity light fixture.  i’d been talking about getting it done for weeks, maybe even months, now.

before. during. after.

scroll up to see what the weather was looking like from friday’s forecast.  now, check out what it looked like from sunday’s forecast.  i.was.estatic.!  it sure was cold though.

this past week i had started work at 3 am.  this is what the road looked like at 2:45 am.  a truck.  and me.

i got some mail love from my super cute niece, rylee.  and her mom and dad too.  =)  i love that she signed the card.

chevron chairs!  and in gray?!?!

i woke up earlier than i would have liked on tuesday and rather then just lying in bed, which i totally would have done, i got up and made myself some breakfast.  it is an egg white and cheese sandwich with some cbtl african sunrise tea.  mmm….

as soon as i left the house for work, it had started snowing.  it was coming down sort of blizzardy.

the above picture looks like it could be rain.  since it was still snowing when i left work i thought i’d take one to show you that it was actually snow.

it’s a few weeks late, but better late than never!  four months down, two to go!

sauteed broccoli.

for qunioa mac’n’cheese.

got some more snailmail love.  this time from bro-M and sil-S.

edited with instagram

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