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Birthday Gifts

One of my friends likes to crochet and has several hooks but not enough space to hold them.  So I thought about making this Sew Together Bag. I had bought the pattern when we were still in Ohio, before I learned about PDF patterns. I was a bit intimidated by this pattern but after making a few other things I realized that it would only be as intimidating as I made it.

So I started working on it and found that it really wasn’t that hard to make.  As long as you take it one step at a time.  Here I’ve gotten all three zipped sections sewed and put together.  I think the hardest part is at the end when sewing the bias tape onto the edges.  It also could’ve been the hardest part for me because my thread kept getting pulled up and into a ball.
20160210_110818 - Copy

After re-threading several times and taking a short break I finally got it completed.  After I finished it I realized that I probably should have used a color of thread that matches the bias.  But my friend loves the color green so I just kept it.
20160216_085013 - Copy

Here is a close-up of bias and thread color.
20160216_085049 - Copy

The completed inside.
20160216_085137 - Copy

Speaking of green, these are the prints that I used to make her a blanket.
20160319_103623 - Copy

She loves the celtic look too, so it all worked out.  I used this foot for the first time and found that I LOVE IT!  I don’t remember the name of the foot but just know that I love it. Haha!
20160321_142726 - Copy

This was also the first time that I used this binding method my mom found on you tube.
20160322_105356 - Copy

Here is the front side.
20160322_120937 - Copy

And the backside.
20160322_121115 - Copy

I’d had this material for a year before I got it sewed up so I’m glad that I got it done and finally gave it to her.


the drive home

over memorial day weekend, my sil-s and i drove out to washington, d.c. to meet up with my bro-m to visit our nation’s capital. you can read about our drive to d.c. here, our first day of visiting here, some nighttime walking here, our saturday here, the first part of our sunday here, the second part of our sunday here‎.

and now you’re going to see all the states that we drove through on the way home.

maryland – not quite the state sign but good enough. heehee, sil-s!! ;p

west virginia. i think we passed through this state twice on the way home.

or maybe it was pennsylvania that we passed through twice. hmmm…i can’t remember for sure.

and good ol’ o-hi-o. home sweet home!!

before we went home we stopped at the tanger outlets. we were good and didn’t buy too much. heehee. but we each found at least two things. i may have found one more than my sil-s. oops?!?

the drive home wasn’t as long as the drive to washington, d.c. but isn’t that always the case? the return is ALWAYS quicker, or at least it feels like that for me.

i had a great time visiting in d.c. and with my bro and sil-s. thanks for a fun time! i look forward to many more.

(all photos by sil-s)
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life rearranged

Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

I’m a day late.  Ooops.  But here we go!!!

The only Costco in our area is about 45 minutes South of us (just North of Cincinnati).  Since we were on our way down to Cincinnati it was the perfect time to stop by and pick up a few things.  We got some dinner there as well.  Here’s my mom-E eating one of their hotdogs.  She’s been really good about watching what she’s been eating.  Here she’s eliminated the bun.  What a great capture, if I do say so myself.  haha!

I actually only needed to get one thing at Costco and ended up with this basket (semi) full of stuff.  I am the kind of consumer that retailers love.

Enjoying some time on the segways.  We had a great time riding them as well as learning a bit about the city.  If you ever get a chance to ride one of these, you should TOTALLY take advantage of it!!!!

This was taken on the Purple People bridge that connects Cincinnati, Ohio to Newport, Kentucky.  The Reds were playing that night which made for some great lighting.

This bridge was the prototype for the Brooklyn Brigde.  It is the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge.

Kind of liked how all these birds looked on the wires and wanted to share with you.

My grass has been growing faster than I’d like it to.  So on Tuesday I went to mow it.  After about an hour and a half of mowing I sat down in the shade for a break.  Oh, how I miss my DH!

Duh-duh!!!  Do I need to say anymore?

What did your week look like?

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not so new-new car

Back in July 2011, a few weeks before we moved from AL to OH, we traded in my “baby”-a silver honda civic coupe-for a Hyundai Veracruz.

For a long time, Paul had wanted to sell my baby but I didn’t. I mean, he was my baby!! My first car that I’d had since I graduated high school. I LOVED that car! But as time went by my connection to my baby lessened. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVED that car and he was still my baby, but it was just time for someone new.

Since we knew we were moving up North where there would be lots of snow, we wanted to get a car that had All Wheel Drive. Paul did his research, because I don’t do that, and we settled on the Hyundai Veracruz. Who I’ve named Silverfox. We don’t actually refer to it by its name but I named it anyway.

I took some final pictures of my baby and then some of my new one.

Here is the right side of the civic.

Left side of the civic.

Front of the civic.

Back of the civic.

For those of you who have not yet seen Silverfox, here is the right side of her. And, yes, Silverfox is a girl.

Left side of Silverfox.

Front of Silverfox.

Back of Silverfox.

And here’s one of the inside of Silverfox.

There you have it! My first baby and my Silverfox. I love Silverfox just as much as I loved my baby. For more details of Silverfox, you’ll just have to come visit so you can see her in person. =)

National Museum of the USAF – Presidential Gallery..part II

Last week I introduced you to the Presidential Gallery that house a lot of aircrafts used by our Presidents.

This week, I’ll show you the rest of the gallery.  But remember, there will be random facts strewn in between the photos that were provided by the information boards that sit in front of the aircrafts.

Boeing VC-137C (707-320B) aka SAM 26000

This aircraft served many presidents. It entered the United States Air Force service directly from the Boeing assembly line in Renton, WA. The name SAM 26000 stands for “Special Air Mission” tail #26000.

President Kennedy had it painted blue and white to give it a distinctive look. I thought that it was interesting that there was an AAFES hanger hanging out so that’s why I took a picture of it.

The SAM 2600 flew President Kenndy to Berlin and Dallas, TX where he was assinated on 22 November 1963. This plane flew Kenndy’s body back to D.C. You can see where they cut part of the plane to fit the President (it has since been repaired).

President Johnson was sworn in on this plane. And it was this plane that flew him to visit the US troops in Vietname during the Southeast Asia War.

In December 1972, another Boeing 707-320 (72-7000) became the primary Presidential aircraft and the 2600 became a back-up.

Check out that photocopy machine!! Can you believe that there was a photocopy machine on the plane???!!!!

In May 1998, the USAF retired SAM 26000. It provided 36 years of service and accumulated more than 13,000 flying hours.

Aero Commander U-4B

The Aero Commander was used by President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1956 to 1960 for short trips. It is the smallest Air Force One and the first Presidential aircraft to have only two engines. It also was the first Presidential aircraft to carry the familiar blue and white paint scheme.

On 1 October 1969, it was transferred to the Air Force Academy’s Skydiving Team. Then in November 1977, it was sent to the Nebraska Civil Air Patrol. It was then obtained by the museum from a private owner in 1996.

North American F-100D aka Super Sabre

This is the world’s first production airplane capable of flying faster than the speed of sound in level flight. Its features included the first autopilot designed for a supersonic jet and a low-altitude bombing system. It had its combat debut in Vietnam where it was used extensively as a fighter-bomber in ground support missions such as attacking bridges, road junctions and troop concentrations.  This is Bro-D.  He’s the photographer, hence his crazy big professional camera.

The one on display was used by the Thunderbirds from 1964 to 1968. It then retired in 1977.

Douglas Aircraft C-118 aka The Independence

The Independence replaced the “Sacred Cow” in 1947. The presidential pilot, Lt Col Henry Myers, who also flew the Sacred Cow, coined the name Independence to represent both patriotism and the name of President Truman’s Missouri hometown.

It flew in Presidential service from 1947 to 1953. It’s most notable flight took place in October 1950 when President Truman flew to Wake Island in the Pacific Ocean to discuss the Korean situation with General Douglas MacArthur.

View from inside the plane.

Beechcraft VC-6A

This aircraft was used to transport visiting dignitaries and high-level personnel. During the early part of its operational carrer, it transported President Lyndon B. Johnson and members of his family between Bergstrom AFB, TX and the Johnson family ranch. While serving the President, the aircraft informally became known as the “Lady Bird Special”.

That concludes the all the pictures I have of the Presidential Gallery. It was pretty cool reading all the plaques and learning about all planes. I never would have read them if 1) I didn’t take pictures of them and 2) I didn’t post it for y’all to see. So thanks for helping me learn a little bit more today. And last week. =)

Did you learn anything new or interesting from these past two posts like me? Or maybe you already knew all about these planes. =) Whatever your case may be I hope you enjoyed seeing the planes and reading these facts.

Thanks for reading!

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