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Double Zip Wallet

When Noodlehead announced her book would be dropping I decided that I needed it right away and purchased it from Amazon.  It arrived the same day as it’s release and I jumped into it.  You can get a signed copy here.

As soon as I saw the double zip wallet I knew I had to make it.  I made one as a tester and I’m so glad I did because I learned a lot from them.

Here I’m starting on my second one.  This one has its interior fused with Pellon’s vinyl fuse.  (Super easy and super fun to apply.)

I’m not sure what this is all about.  I think it’s supposed to be how I folded the straps on the inside for when I was sewing it closed. I don’t know, but it’s fun to see, ya?
20150911_081859 - Copy

That’s got to be what it was because here is a different shot of the same thing, along with my tag placement.
20150911_081919 - Copy

And here it is all sewn together.  I made the interior fabric vinyl-fused since I was planning on wearing it to Disneyland and wanted to make sure water couldn’t get through the whole wallet/bag.
20150911_095218 - Copy

strap ends.

A close-up of front of the double zip wallet.

It turned out pretty good and useful, however, I have since added some parachute clips so that it is easier and faster to remove if needed.  All in all, though, I really like that it’s big enough to carry the essentials but small enough to not be in the way.


pretty up the cork aka Pinspiration numero – cincuenta y cinco

I had seen this make over of a cork board on pinterest and decided that I needed to do that with my cork board.  You can find the tutorial at two twenty one.

I had found this super cute print that was vertical but I couldn’t decide if I wanted my board to have to sit vertical or horizontal.  And with that print once I put it on I’d be stuck with that one option.

I asked on Instagram and most people, all three of them, said horizontal.  I probably wouldn’t done it horizontal in the end but I can’t be sure.

If I did it vertical you wouldn’t see as much of the print.  This one is the vertical one.

So I waited and waited and waited and waited until I found some prints that I absolutely loved and wasn’t a one-way only print.  I got to work.

I laid out some plastic that I had on hand from painting.  Then I used some spray adhesive, which is what the plastic is for.  I don’t what that stuff on my rug!!

20140516_164839 - Copy

Then I laid the fabric down and smoothed it out and flipped it over.
20140516_165906 - Copy

And scrunched up the corners like so.
20140516_171424 - Copy

I took some thumbtacks and pushed them in allclosetogether.
20140516_172858 - Copy

It’s not very straight at all but it adds some character.  Hahaha!
20140516_200636 - Copy

Now all I have to do is add the sawtooth hanger things to the back so that I can hang this on the wall.  Currently it’s leaning against the wall collecting dust.  Oops. I’m going to have to get on that!

Eye Spy, You Spy aka Pinspiration – numero cincuenta y cinco

As I was perusing Pinterest a. long. time. ago. I came across an “I Spy” bag.  I thought it would be fun to make and fun to play with for my friend’s son.  He was close to turning one also.  Here it is on Pinterest but if you don’t want to go through pinterest you can find it on Make It and Love It.

I had some light blue fleece in my stash so I decided to make a blue fish.  His parents love fishing. I first made a template to make sure that the fish would be big enough after I cut a big hole in it.  I cut some stiff clear vinyl to cover the hole and then pinned and sewed them together.

I read that it would be easier to use fabri-tac (glue for fabric) before sewing so that’s what you see here.

Because fleece doesn’t fray I just topstitched it closed but left a small opening so that I could fill the fish with poly beads and other fun goodies to “spy”.
2014-08-17 17.26.26

Some close-ups.

And here are some goodies to be i-spied.
20140206_203928 - Copy

Some other items included are a big button, trucks, leaves, sewing machine, cupcake, and many other things.

My friend suggested that this game probably isn’t really good for a one year old.  He wasn’t too interested in playing with it.  She said it’s probably more for like a three year old or so. So if you plan on making one or getting one for a gift I’d hold off until the kid is at least two and a half.

Harry Potter Robes

I love Harry Potter.  And so does my cousin.  He went to the WB Studio and seen the Harry Potter robes but they are so expensive that he ended up not getting them.  My mom had suggested that I make some for him. I hadn’t made anything on my own, without a pattern, before so I was a little hesitant.  But we went to Joann’s and got some fabric and I started looking up some inspiration.

I’d only made a few garments so I thought I would start with cutting a front and a back with a hood on the fold.


After I finished cutting this is what I ended up with.  I couldn’t figure out what happened or what I did or what I could do to salvage it.


But I sewed the pieces together as I had imagined in my mind and this is not what I was thinking. LOL!


So I looked up some more inspiration and found this image.  Since I had taken my cousin’s measurements I just adjusted these measurements to fit his.  Looking at these images reminded me of the Kwik Sew 3423 nightgown that I made a while ago.


Here is the Kwik Sew 3423 pattern that I loosely based the robes off of, along with the image above.  You can read about the nightgown here.


I laid out the material on the fold and sketched out a front piece, mirroring what the screenshot shows two photos above.  I did the same for all the other pieces.  Also, first time using chalk.


After I cut the black pieces out I traced them on the maroon piece.


All the pieces cut out of both the black and maroon fabric. I opted to not do a lining for the back piece as no one would see if it was there or not.


As is stated in the Kwik Sew pattern, you sew the shoulder pieces together first.


Then I sewed together the lining and outer pieces of the sleeve.


Then attached them to the body.


Finally it’s looking more like it should.


The sleeves are being hemmed.


Then I attached the hood which is what you see here, unhemmed.


Here it is all finished and hemmed.


It’s not the best but it’s as good as I could make it with my pattern-needing brain that didn’t have a pattern to follow.

And here’s my cousin wearing the robes.

Zipper with a Twist

So my cousin had asked me too make a zipper bag for her A LONG TIME AGO and after about five months I finally made it for her.

I followed this tutorial by noodlehead. It was pretty straightforwardand fun to make.

I like to have the zipper opening from left to right so I’m always having to check and double check to make sure I’m sewing the correct sides together.image

I made a few zipper bags for Christmas last year and didn’t topstitch the zippers which I regret. So now I topstitch to give it a cleaner look.

Once I’ve finished sewing and topstitching the zipper I line up the outside and inside together. Well, the outsides together and the insides together. Also, making sure that I’ve kept the zipper at least halfway open and about three inches unsewn (is that a word? Haha it is now!), that way I can pull it inside out to make it right side out. See that little piece sticking out in the bottom right picture? That’s a little twist to just a plain ol zipper bag that you’ll see in a minute.

Here’s what it looks like sewn all around (with the little unsewn gap).

So the top left photo is showing why I leave the zipper open a bit as well as why I need that gap. The top right is a detail of how the corners need to be clipped. But not too far that it cuts into the corner of the bag. Bottom left is what the bag looks like while turning it inside out. And the bottom right is after I’ve turned out and used my pointer to make a clean point in the corner.

So this is what the liner looks like once it’s been turned inside out. I folded the flaps under and closed it by sewing it shut. Haha! Don’t get it? It’s nothing really just my weird sense of humor. Sorry. So anyways that last photo is after I’ve pushed the liner back into the bag.

And that little twist is this pull tab thing in the side of the bag.

Here it is all done.

This was probably my eighth zipper bag and third one with the topstitching. I’m getting better at it but it’s still not super professional or anything. Practice, practice, practice! Still having lots of fun so that’s good too! Haha!

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