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Snuggie – the third version

This is my third attempt at making a snuggie.  This time it was for my bro-M, sil-S’s hubby.  Remember her Kerokerokeroppi one?  This one included a hoodie and a zipper in front.

I posted this teaser shot on instagram while I was making it

I don’t have a pattern for this thing and went based off things I had already learned.  I took a few pictures of me wearing it so that I could see how it was turning out. The hood and zipper looked pretty good.  I was happy with how it was turning out.

A side shot so I could see how it was laying from the side.

A shot of the back so I could make sure the hood was laying right.  Doesn’t this look good as a vest snuggie too?  Also, side note, I miss my long hair.

For preservation purposes, I wanted to make sure I noted how I sewed the zipper.

I’m not a fan of matching things when it comes to my garments but so many garment makers are so I thought that I’d document my awesome accidental matching skills!  Well, sort of accidental matching skills.  Haha!

A closep up of the hood because I’m just so happy about it.

The front and back of this snuggie.

Earlier this year (2017) my bro-M and SIL-S came to visit us.  SIL-S had requested I put a zipper in her snuggie and I offered to shorten her sleeves too.  Then I made the three of them stand together so I could get a photo of all the snuggies I’ve made.  DH’s was first, SIL-S’s was second, and bro-M’s was third.  Hopefully they’ll just keep getting better!

Aren’t they good sports?  =)



life rearranged

It’s Friday already!  That means I’m linking up my weekly cell phone photos!

I saw these at Walmart and thought about buying them for Paul since he is the Pulkster and he wants to name our first born son Thor. But I decided to just take a picture of them instead. =)

Our neighbors had a fire pit going on Saturday night and we joined in on the fun.

I finally saw The Hunger Games. It was a good movie and I enjoyed seeing it, but I was a little disappointed with how they portrayed Peeta. Because he’s my favorite.

Then I made some bowtie lasagna for Easter dinner. yum-o! =)

Here’s Theresa, my supervisor, hard at work while I chilled on my break.

Paul was TDY this week and one of the guys he went with left his car at our house. One day as I pulled into my driveway I noticed that he had this sticker on his back window. In case you can’t tell, it says “Star Fleet Academy”. NERD alert!!!! haha!!

On Thursday I did some gardening. Haha. Well, kinda. I just pulled some weeds. Here are some with their huge roots.

And a close-up because I know you want to see one.

While pulling out some other weeds I found these bulbs at the end of the root. I’m guessing that is what I needed to pull so they wouldn’t come back. Hopefully they won’t come back. =(

Later I was talking to my neighbor-Abbey about pulling out the roots of the bushes that I cut down last year. And she just walked right up and started pulling on this one and it came right out!!

And thanks to her making it look easy, I thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t get this one out but the one behind to the left, where the hole is, I was able to get out. As bro-M would say, “Go Shera!” =)

About an hour later I heard some pounding outside my front door and when to inspect. My neighbor-Matt (Abbey’s DH), with his super strength, pulled out the two other roots that were too tough for me and Abbey.

This week was quiet but productive. A huge thanks to Matt and Abbey for helping me with pulling the roots. Now Paul and I can finally start working on our herb garden. YAY!!!

Happy Friday!! And thanks for reading!!

(all photos have been edited through the pixlr-o-matic android app)

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