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Baby Blanket + Wet Bag

My cousin had a baby boy last year and for his gift, I made him a blanket. Similar to his cousin’s but with dinosaurs. His mom’s baby shower was themed with dinosaurs. I found these really cute dino prints that weren’t too baby and that coordinating hexagon print had the perfect colors.

All sewn up!

 photo 20170102_192701_HDR_zpshwimhbmn.jpg

The light blue minky is the backing.

 photo 20170102_192844_HDR_zpsgexqbmbf.jpg

I also made these single layer wet bags. I found this cute dino print in the baby section near the cloth diaper materials.

 photo 20170104_090019_HDR_zpsbr8ka1kz.jpg

I included two books that were on their registry and one Berenstain book dino themed. I love handmade gifts. =)

Ladies Ayda and Molly Top + Dress Tester

Last year I got the chance to test a few secret patterns for Sew Caroline; she was collaborating with a fellow pattern maker.

Katie Skoog of Simple Life Patterns and Sew Caroline Sewing Patterns have collaborated to bring you Mommy and Me patterns! She has taken a few of Sew Caroline patterns and downsized them to fit your kiddos and we have upsized a few of hers to fit ladies!

This is the Ladies Ayda Top + Dress.

This is the Ladies Molly Top + Dress.

Making these woven tops has me wanting more.  I wasn’t too sure if I’d like the collar on the Molly but it turns out that I really like it.  The button placket in the back was also really fun to make.  It was my first ever!

Christmas 2016

I made a few gifts for Christmas 2016.  Here are some of them

This mermaid tail blanket for my niece.  I think I might’ve made it too long but hopefully as she grows she’ll still want to wear it.  I had to do a self draft based on a few photos I had screenshot from around the internet.

This is her the night she opened it up!

For my brothers, I made these key ring chap stick holders.  They really like Natural Ice chap stick.  And for all the moms on my list, I made these first aid kits.  I included chap stick, neosporin, bandaids, advil, candy, alcohol wipes, tissues, and gauze pads.

I got this idea from seeing a bunch of quiet books and latch boards.  I thought about marrying the two and this is what I came up with.  I LOVE this!  I call it a busy mat.

These are I Spy bags.  I might have filled up that truck one a little too much but it still works.  haha!

These are blocks.  I actually learned a lot while making these and even made a few more since.  They’re super cute and the different textures of material offer more than just something to play with.

These were zipper bags I made for my new coworkers.

The left photo shows a stand mixer cover that I based on the one I had purchased for myself before I started sewing.  The right photo is a lunch bag that my brother ordered for my sil for her birthday.  I just was unable to get it to her until Christmas.

I had a great time sewing all these gifts.  I wish I had gotten to sew more in 2017 but I didn’t.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make more of them in 2018.


This was another swap I participated in sometime in 2016.  The swap was to use Jeni Baker’s Lined Drawstring Bag tutorial.  My partner said she loved motorcycles and Tula Pink prints.  So I found some super cute prints and got to work.  I felt like making just two wouldn’t be even enough so I made three.

This is the one that I received.  She went out of her way to include a bunch of different prints and made it two sided!  I love the colors!!

These are also some other items she included in my package.

It was super fun shopping for fabric and making a new bag.  I learned a few techniques that have helped me in my projects since.

other 2016 garments

I’ve blogged about some garments that I made in 2016 already and I’m back to show you some more that I found while perusing my phone. Haha!

This is Sew Caroline’s Tank Dress and Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan.  I made these to wear to my niece’s one month old party to which she actually was four months at the party and is now two and a half.  Oops.  It’s been a while.

I made this Fancy Tiger Sailor Top in knit.  It is a wearable muslin but I just don’t dig it.  It was a good learning experience to make it, though.  Since the pattern is made for wovens I sized down for this knit and because it is knit I didn’t finish the hem.  But I also didn’t finish the hem because I am lazy.  Haha…story of my life.

Since knit is a bit forgiving I made a muslin in woven out of actual muslin I got from Joann’s.  I didn’t realize it until after I was already done but I sewed one of the arms on backwards.  Oops.  Oh well, I made sure to watch for that when I made my real one.

Here is the real one.  I made sure that the arms were sewn on the correct side.

This was a tester version of Sew Caroline’s Parkside Shorts and Skirt.  I still haven’t made any more since but I think I will this summer.  That patchwork one is printed like that.  I did not make it.  I think the next time I make the skirt I’ll probably shorten it by a few inches.  It looks too long.

This Sew House Seven Bridgetown Backless Dress is so cute on everyone in all the pictures! This is a “wearable” muslin but I don’t really wear it because I don’t really like the way it looks on me.  I didn’t make any adjustments so that was my first problem.  I definitely need to shorten it but I think I also need to shorten (?) tighten (?) the armholes.  It looks just too big.  Either that or I just prefer the armholes smaller.

Another Sew Caroline tester.  This is the Magnolia Shorts.  These shorts are sweet in that they look like a skirt but they’re actually shorts!!

I made this Made By Rae Ruby Top and put a label on it so I knew which was the back.  Haha..of course looking at this top you’d be able to tell which is the front and which is the back.  But I thought I was being funny and clever with that little saying so I just HAD to sew it on!!  Of course I haven’t taken a picture of the whole thing yet but I will soon.  And when I do, hopefully I’ll remember to post it on IG and blog it!  hahahaha…we’ll see about that. =)

I also made my sil-S this Ruby Dress.  She’s Lilo from Lilo and Stitch! And my niece is Lilo also!!

I made this cute Christmas sweater-ish Hey June Handmade Union St. Tee with fabric I found at an LA lqs.  Turns out it’s a Girl Charlee print!  This cut is the older version.  The link is to the new one.

This is my first Hey June Handmade Lane Raglan.  I have wanted to make one of these forever.  I’m such a slow sewer.

Here is another Union St. Tee.  This time I made a long sleeve.

My last 2016 make was Sew Caroline’s Downtown Tunic.  And it literally was my last make as I finished it up on 31 December 2016 at like 8:00 pm.  I really like it since I can wear it with waist restraint!!

I think that’s the rest of my 2016 makes.  I can’t guarantee it, though.  I might find some more and post them later.  Now onto all things made in 2017.  Only a year behind!!  Yea right, I still got some 2016 makes to share!!!

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